Craft and Associates was founded in 1989. Our clients cover a broad spectrum of products and services including but not limited to education organizations, political candidates and issues, drug and alcohol treatment facilities, furniture retailers, state health departments, telecommunication companies, entrepreneurial organizations, and many more.

Our team has over 75 years of combined experience and passion in the advertising industry, and we believe there is no “one way” of doing things. Each client and campaign is unique and deserves a campaign strategy, success map, and execution of both to meet the goals of the client.

For businesses that know they need a creative answer to a business challenge, Craft and Associates offers strategic clarity and has a talent for efficiently finding the answer through our unique collaborative process. Our clients prize us for our integrity, business sense, high levels of service, and results that can only come from serious focus on their unique challenges. We provide complete strategy, design, digital, and advertising services. We collaborate easily with marketing leaders who need some extra bandwidth, or we can step in to become your marketing department. If you have struggled with ways to impact your market and define your competitive edge, let’s have a conversation and start finding some answers.


About our Services

At Craft and Associates we believe that there is an extreme amount of value in not only traditional advertising practices and approaches but also in the new and ever evolving mediums used to reach each client’s target prospect. We believe that no campaign or project is too large or too small to invest time and strategy in. Our goal is always the best return on investment possible for each client.

The result of our work resides in the mind of the market - in the form of brand awareness, product understanding, and loyalty. We’ll make sure you stick out from the crowd by providing your customers with information to make decisions, develop buying habits, and reasons to never consider buying from your competition.


Marketing Strategy

At Craft and Associates we pride ourselves in learning as much as you do about your business. This quickly binds us together in a mutual understanding of your market position, challenges, and goals. This process is critical for finding your unique marketing problems and putting a spotlight on the solution. You’ll finish our strategy process with more confidence than you had coming in, and together we will build a platform for your success.


Media Buying

Craft and Associates’ capability includes turnkey media planning and buying services - aligned and on-target with the needs and goals of your company. We know how to maximize your budget by putting the right message in the right medium, making your campaign more of a rifle shot and less of a Hail Mary. Partner with us and forge the right presence - print, online, outdoor, and beyond.


Creative Development

You know when the look and feel of your company’s presence needs a boost so you can play at the next level. Our design team is able to create new or improve existing campaigns that speak to your target at the highest level.


Digital Marketing

We’re veterans at guiding our clients through the digital jungle - from online ad campaigns and websites to working with the newest digital delivery systems like Facebook, Google, Pandora, Hulu, Spotify, and more.




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